CPM state secretary assures houses for 3.4 lakh landless people in Kerala

March 10, 2023
CPM state secretary assures houses for 3.4 lakh landless people in Kerala

IDUKKI: The LDF government has taken a decision to resolve all land-related issues in districts including Idukki by distributing pattas (land deeds) to all the poor who are in possession of land, CPM state secretary M V Govindan has said. He was speaking at a rally organized in Thodupuzha on Thursday as a part of the state-wide Janakeeya Prathirodha Jatha led by him.

“The land-related issues will be solved as soon as this yathra comes to an end. All the poor families who have land in their possessions will be given pattas. For the landless, the government will first issue at least three cents of land and then houses will be built with government aid. The government will ensure that there won’t be anyone without a house in the state,” he added.

He further said that as many as 3,42,000 people did not have land and house as per the data available with the government. The government will find 15,000 acres for these landless. For the 1.5 lakh people who have land but no houses, the government would provide houses through various welfare schemes.

“While the BJP government in the centre has adopted Adanis and Ambanis, the LDF government has adopted the poorest of the poor and we are determined to take them to the mainstream,” Govindan said. The public has now come to know that the central agencies, opposition, and media are targeting the LDF government and they have made it a point to extend support to the government. Hence, people are taking part in the rallies associated with the yathra in huge numbers, he said.

“The BJP-RSS combine is making all attempts to rewrite our Constitution and make India a Hindu nation by 2025. They are trying to take the country back to the old caste system of Chathurvarnyam,” Govidan said.

He also hit out at UDF stating that the protest conducted by the front has turned out to be a failure. “KPCC president K Sudhakaran is now seeking the help of the media to make their protests a success. That itself is an indication thatThe cess was imposed with the aim to give welfare pension to 62 lakh beneficiaries and the public is acknowledging it,” he said at a press meet in Kothamangalam.

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