Kolkata: 40,000 people living in 10,000 homes in Duttabad set to get addresses

January 7, 2023
Kolkata: 40,000 people living in 10,000 homes in Duttabad set to get addresses

KOLKATA: Around 40,000 people living in 10,200 homes in Duttabad, who have never had any land deed despite residing within Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation area, will finally get addresses.

Ward 38 of BMC from Thursday started marking the homes in the semi-slum area in Duttabad, which covers around 85 acres of land, bordering Salt Lake and EM Bypass.

During the launch of the drive, which was done in the presence of Bidhannagar MLA and fire and emergency services minister Sujit Bose, a complaint drop box was also installed at the Ward 38 office, where residents can drop their grievances.

Lauding the BMC initiative, Bose said, “The exercise will finally help locate houses here and enable letters and posts to reach these homes.” Civic officials said so far, these residents had to collect their posts from local clubs or the ward office. State officials said a plan was also on to give land deeds to all Duttabad residents.

Local councillor Alo Dutta said each dwelling unit in Duttabad would get a specific number for identification under the house-marking project, being carried out with the help of councillors’ fund. . The entire area will be divided into different “parts” namely, 115, 214, 228, 227, 235, 260 and 262.Homes in those parts will marked as 115/1 or 214/2 or 260/3. Each home will be given a board, with the number on it, which will be put up as address plate.

Residents are understandably happy, given that they are finally getting the recognition of their homes. “We did not have any address so far. Now, we will have an address for people to locate our homes,” said Joydeb Mondal, a resident.

Rajesh Chirimar, councillor of the adjacent ward—Ward 39—where a small portion of Duttabad falls with around 1,800 dwellings, said the ward committee would plan to take a similar initiative but they were waiting for an instruction from BMC.

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