Bengaluru apartments not keen on Cauvery connection

August 11, 2021

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BY: Anirudh J

BENGALURU: Apartment complexes that fall under the jurisdiction of Bangalore Apartment Federation (BAF) are considering not taking their water connection from the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB). This decision is a result of the hike in charges for the Cauvery water connection made by the water board last year.

When BBMP increased their jurisdiction to include 110 villages, they started providing water line connection to 51 villages. However, now, many residents living in apartments on the outskirts of the City, are complaining that they are not receiving adequate water despite paying. Such scarcity of water despite payments is making residents unwilling to pay a huge amount for the water connection.

KV Prasanna, Vice President, BAF, said, “Any builder or apartment owner under a RWA (resident’ welfare association) will need to pay Rs 400 per square metre for the water connection. Many apartment owners in the village areas complained that they are paying around Rs 1 to 1.5 lakh for the Cauvery water connection while dealing with poor supply. Independent house owners are also paying less for the connection compared to the big apartment owners.” He added that many apartment complexes that find it difficult to lay the lines for the water connection will be dependent on borewell and rain water harvesting (RWH) for water.

“BAF is trying its best to provide technical help regarding the water supply for the apartment complexes,” he said. He also spoke about challenges that were faced by the apartment owners in the Begur cluster. “The fact of the matter is that the water charges are really exorbitant. I request the board and BBMP to facilitate the basic needs in the villages such as water, electricity and UGD (Underground Drainage) at reasonable prices,” the Vice President said.

N Jayaram, Chairman, BWSSB, said, “It is necessary to collect water charges from the apartment complexes. However, it’s a one time payment. Rs 400 per square metre is a reasonable price because we have to collect Cauvery water from the KRS dam, purify and treat at three levels for usage.

This is a very long and exclusive process. There are more than 8 lakh water connections in the City and this hike may affect only those who want new water connections. This rule has been there from the beginning.”

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