Bengaluru: Nandini Layout’s construction work is a never-ending saga

March 6, 2022

 File photo
File photo

By Shreyashi Mukherjee

BENGALURU: Residents of Nandini Layout, south of BHEL Park, are fed up of the construction work that has been going on for more than a year. They complain that the air is thick with dust and debris, and not only does it harm their lungs and eyes, but it is also a civic menace.

Citizens say that they have been putting up with this problem for about a year now. The BBMP had started renovating the BHEL park the previous year. However, their work has still not been completed yet and the debris from the construction work is always dumped on the roads in front of their houses.

A resident, on the condition of anonymity, said, “The area has become extremely dingy. The moment we step out of our houses, we see the debris right in front of us. The entire look of the place has changed. It looks extremely dirty. The very appearance of this area has become so shabby.”

Another resident lamented that they have been doing the renovation work at a very slow pace. The workers would work for one day and the next day, they would be absent. It just seems as if they are dragging the work for no apparent reason, he said.

To make matters worse, pollution in the area has increased two-fold. “I already have asthma, to top it off, the debris from the construction work increases the dust. I have to take extra precautions while going out because I cannot afford to have an asthma attack while going to work,” said another resident.

The construction work has made the roads extremely unsafe for kids or elders as if someone is unmindful while walking, they might trip on the scattered debris and injure themselves.

Another Bengalurean residing in the area said that because of the construction work, they could no longer go to the park. “It was a place where we could go and unwind after a long day. Now, because of the never-ending construction work, we cannot even go to the park for a small walk.”

Like most stories go, citizens say they have raised several tickets with the BBMP, however, no action has been taken, yet.

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