Chandigarh administration mulls land use conversion policy for industrial area

November 29, 2022
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CHANDIGARH: After more than 14 years, the UT administration is once again considering to introduce the conversion of land use policy for Industrial Area.

The groundwork for the policy has started, which if implemented, would allow conversion of land use from industrial to commercial.

UT adviser Dharam Pal said, “There has been strong and persistent demand from different quarters for a conversion policy allowing for commercial activity in Industrial Area. I have directed officials to start work on the policy and examine different aspects, including its feasibility.”

The administration is also examining the changes that will be required to be made in the Chandigarh Master Plan (CMP) – 2031. The CMP was notified in 2015 before the original conversion of land use policy was notified. Now, any new conversion policy would require changes in the CMP.

“We are examining the competent authority (UT administration/MHA/Parliament) that can authorise such changes in the master plan. The conversion policy scheme will require the permission of the MHA (ministry of home affairs),” said Pal.
Chandigarh administration mulls land use conversion policy for industrial area‘Chandigarh Conversion of Land Use of Industrial Sites into Commercial Activity/Services in Industrial Area, Phase I and Phase II, Chandigarh Scheme, 2005 policy was discontinued from September 18, 2008.

Under the 2005 policy, commercial activity could be started in industrial plots after payment of conversion fee either by converting land use or by fresh construction in accordance with the guidelines of the architectural controls.

Commercial activity broadly denoted tertiary sector and included shops, offices, banks, hotels, restaurants and training institutions. Residential use and red category trades as notified by the department of environment with the exception of hospitals and nursing homes were not permitted. The conversion of an industrial plot into a multiplex, marriage palace or banquet hall was allowed only if the area of the plot was 1 acre or above.

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