Chandigarh housing board slashes transfer fee for commercial properties

February 9, 2023
Chandigarh housing board slashes transfer fee for commercial properties

CHANDIGARH: The Chandigarh Housing Board (CHB) on Wednesday notified slashing of transfer fee on its commercial properties. The fee has been at par with the UT estate office rates.

The transfer fees of commercial properties that were sold by the CHB through a competitive bidding process (auction/tender) for the pending and new applications have been on the lines of the estate office.

Presently, the CHB is charging a transfer fee of Rs. 7 lakh or 7% of the present collector rate, whichever is higher.

On February 2, the CHB board of directors, under a meeting of the CHB chairman and UT adviser Dharam Pal, had approved the proposal.

The publication charges have been reduced to half, from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 10,000; keeping these for commercial property at par with the publication charges for other properties. However, for the commercial properties allotted other than auction/tender process; the CHB is charging 25% of UEI on the lines of the fees being charged by the estate office, Chandigarh administration, and the same will continue.

The CHB also notified an order permitting amalgamation of two or more commercial units on the lines of the estate office. The CHB was allowing amalgamation of two commercial units only of the same ownership. Now, more than two commercial units of the same ownership can also be amalgamated. Further in case of tenancy, two units of different ownership can also be amalgamated.

Amalgamation of two or more adjoining sites (SCO, SCF, bay shop and booths) with the same ownership have been made permissible.

The partial amalgamation of floors as temporary arrangement, if the owners of the two adjoining commercial units are different and both buildings are rented to one party, entry/opening of the size of 1.80m (6’-0”) wide can be allowed for connectivity at each floor as long as the tenancy is applicable subject to taking an affidavit from the owners of the SCOs.

‘Pending cases to be

cleared in mission mode’

For ensuring expeditious delivery of services to the general public, the CHB intends to clear all pending applications in a time-bound manner. Yashpal Garg, CEO of CHB, said, “It has been decided that all pending applications, which were filed up to December 31, 2022, to be cleared in a mission mode.

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