Chandigarh housing board’s survey of allotted flats delayed due to rain

July 18, 2022
Chandigarh housing board's survey of allotted flats delayed due to rain

CHANDIGARH: Chandigarh Housing Board recently decided to survey around 18,000 small flats allotted under rehabilitation schemes but could not start with the survey due to heavy rain the whole night and also in the morning. The survey will now be held in the coming few days.

Such flats cannot be sold, sub-let, transferred and handed over to other persons. According to the board, there are unconfirmed reports of some allottees selling, transferring their flats illegally, which may attract case for fraud, cheating etc.

“Allottees who have illegally sold, sub-let or transferred the flats and purchasers both are liable to face action for fraud, cheating, forgery etc. Persons who may be known by whatever name, like property dealer, document writer, middleman, property consultant, facilitator, financer etc, who are involved in illegal transactions of selling, sub-letting, transfer of small flats are also liable to face action for being part of the criminal conspiracy for such illegal transactions,” an official said.

With the CHB deciding to survey all such flats, teams of officers will visit each such flat. In the survey, officials will see whether the flat is occupied by the allottee and his family, whether monthly rent/licence fee/installment is being paid regularly and there are no dues pending.

The CHB also stated that at the time of survey, the occupant of the flat is required to establish his, her identity and being family member of the allottee. The term family member includes parent, brother, sister, spouse, son, daughter, daughter-in law and grand children of the allottee.

It further says that friends, cousins, relatives may reside with the allottee for a shorter duration.

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