Developer sold same flat to two in Greater Noida? Buyer alleges fraud, goes to cops

January 27, 2023
Developer sold same flat to two in Greater Noida? Buyer alleges fraud, goes to cops

NOIDA: A 47-year-old resident of Shivalik Homes in Surajpur has alleged that the housing society’s developer has cheated him by selling his flat to another person.

In his police complaint, Sundar Singh has claimed that he came to know about the alleged fraud three days ago when he got a call from a man named Rajesh Lawat. “Lawat told me that he also purchased this flat in 2019, whereas I have been living here with my family since 2018. I had paid Rs 40 lakh to the builder for the first-floor flat.”

Lawat, a Hisar-based jeweller, told TOI that he had purchased seven flats in the same society seeing the Jewer international airport and other projects coming up in the city. “I have all the documents related to the flat in question, including the builder-buyer agreement. I made all the payments to the builder for this flat.”

Spread across four towers, the society is home to over 300 residents. Many fear that the builder could sell the same flat to more than one person as the registries are due.

“The main reason behind all this fraud is the non-registry of flats,” said Rupesh Singh, another resident of the society.

Rajni Rana, another resident, said. “I have been living in this flat since 2018. And in 2019, an unknown person knocked on our door saying that our flat belongs to him. He asked us for our flat documents but we didn’t give him any. We later raised the issue with the builder who promptly said that there had been some confusion.”

Police said they would lodge an FIR in the case after carrying out a detailed investigation.

When contacted by TOI, the developer has, however, refuted the allegations. “There is no doubt that the flat in question belongs to the person who’s living there. We have not sold it to any other party.”

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