Gurugram: Residents of Sare Homes fret as DHBVN threatens to snap supply

September 23, 2021
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File photo

GURUGRAM: Residents of Sare Homes in Sector 92 are a worried lot. This is because power discom DHBVN has warned the developer, Ramprastha Sare, that the temporary electricity supply — given as a stopgap arrangement — could be snapped if it does not put the required infrastructure in place in the society.

In a notice, the sub-divisional officer of DHBVN (Farrukhnagar), said that the temporary power supply was allotted to the housing society in 2016 but the builder has not yet completed the work of 33 kV internal and external infrastructure to date.

“It is also conveyed that if you fail to complete the work of laying of electrical infrastructure as per the ultimate load of 33kV level or fail to submit your progress of execution of work, DHVBN would have no option left other than to withdraw the facility of partial load allowed to you,” the notice read.

The notice has led to anxiety among residents who fear they could face prolonged power cuts if the supply is stopped. “We have bought the properties from the builder. Why should we face the repercussions when we are paying the power bills. We are not at fault,” said Yashesh Yadav, of the Dwarka Expressway RWA.

Ramprastha Sare is not the only developer facing the wrath of the power discom. Recently, DBVN stopped issuing new electricity connections to colonies developed by 16 builders who are yet to pay infrastructure charges amounting to over Rs 317 crore to the discom.

“We have sent notices to all the residential societies that have not started the work on the infrastructure and RamParstha Sare is one of them. (However) we don’t intend to cause any inconvenience to the residents,” said SDO Farrukhnagar.

When contacted, DHBVN spokesperson Sanjay Chugh said that when builders acquire land to build infrastructure, they are required to construct their own powerhouse as per the projected power load.

“However, many builders have the habit of negotiating with the DHBVN for some temporary arrangements till their projects are completed. These temporary arrangements, however, are utilised for years even after the completion of the projects,” he said.

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