Haryana: Error in property tax ID? Submit complaints via NDC

September 11, 2022
Haryana: Error in property tax ID? Submit complaints via NDC

GURUGRAM: Residents will now have to submit their objections and apply for new property IDs via the Haryana government’s no-dues certificate (NDC) portal since the MCG has decided to discontinue its grievance site for property tax.

It is learnt that MCG commissioner Mukesh Kumar Ahuja has made it clear to the officials of the civic body that there will be no “manual intervention” in the issuance of no-dues certificate, resolution of objections raised, applications of new property IDs and municipality dues such as property tax. The civic body has also decided to form a separate NDC cell to immediately resolve property IDs-related grievances.

“Since the property tax grievance portal of the civic body will stop working, the officials have been directed to resolve the pending complaints received through the portal by September 20. Moreover, the property-related dues such as development charges, property tax, fire tax etc will be paid and accepted through the NDC portal of the Haryana government,” read the MCG commissioner’s order.

After the property tax survey, several residents had reported errors in the new property IDs. Sources said that the decision to make the process online through the state government’s portal would also keep a check on any such MCG staff trying to unnecessarily delay the process of making corrections and addressing the grievances of the residents.

Another order issued by the MCG commissioner also states that the use of any private portal for grievances of property IDs should also be discontinued. Moreover, all the properties, including vacant and agricultural, will be allotted a unique property ID and the same be uploaded on the NDC portal of the state. “The NDC cell will have a representative of the chief town planner (to ascertain the report regarding approved/un-approved areas, development charges); a representative from WSS wing, a representative from SBM Wing and a representative from each zone of tax branch,” read the order issued by the MCG commissioner on Saturday.

Gulshan Saluja, zonal taxation officer, MCG, said, “The existing process is to make the corrections through the MCG website, which are then handled manually by the staff. We had received instructions from the state ULB department that the manual system of addressing the grievances of the property IDs should be stopped. So, we have now discontinued the MCG portal.”

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