Johnson Controls launches innovation centre in Bengaluru

July 11, 2023

Johnson Controls, a global player in smart and sustainable buildings, has announced the official opening of its ‘OpenBlue Innovation Centre’ in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

The new centre offers demonstrations of net zero building technology and showcases Johnson Controls OpenBlue with cloud, edge, and AI in a fully operable, live environment. The innovation centre in India highlights Johnson Controls’ growing presence in India and its commitment to supporting India’s G20 leadership priorities of sustainability and digitalisation, as well as its long-term climate commitments, said the company.

“The answer to one of the most urgent challenges of our time, climate change, lies in systemic digitalisation in buildings, using cloud, edge, and AI to unite, automate and optimise systems. OpenBlue represents a new frontier of digitalisation that is helping buildings reach net zero emissions, and even become net energy positive,” said Vijay Sankaran, chief technology officer at Johnson Controls.

Inside new centre

With a focus on breakthrough AI and innovations in sustainable, energy-efficient building technology, the new centre is driving innovation to accelerate India’s net zero progress. The Bengaluru centre also will feature the first experience centre in India, offering business and public leaders hands-on demonstrations of building technology in action. 

Customers will be able to experience the digital twin – a digital replica of assets, processes, places, systems, and devices in a smart building. Other demonstrations include access control technologies, computer vision with video analytics, and fire safety solutions with 3D-printed models.

With 30 years in India, Johnson Controls has established three manufacturing and five engineering centres and employs more than 8,000 people, including 3,000 engineers. The OpenBlue Innovation Centre in Bengaluru launches operations with more than 300 engineers.

The upcoming plans include the creation of additional roles over the next two years, including R&D, digital twin, edge engineers, AI, and computer vision scientists, cyber security specialists, and site reliability engineers. Opening this new centre in one of India’s biggest destinations for IT and engineering talent, Johnson Controls aims to make India a strategic hub to drive its smart building innovation, said the company. 

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