JSW Cement enters into construction chem business

June 14, 2021

JSW Cement has entered the construction chemical business with the launch of a unique green product range in the category.

The construction chemicals range includes Enduro Plast readymix plaster, Krysta Leakproof integral crystalline waterproofing compound and Duraflor floor hardner.

The Enduro Plast readymix plaster is a cementitious overlay product for vertical walls and ceilings to provide protection in construction structures from wear and tear. Corrosion being the principal concern for any civil structure, the product resists the moisture transfer to the steel reinforcement.

Krysta Leakproof is a capillary waterproofing compound for use in concrete and cementitious mortars in construction projects. JSW uses a reactive crystalline technology in blocking pores and voids in concrete by forming an impervious barrier to liquids.

Duraflor is a non-metallic, non-oxidising floor-hardener applied over fresh concrete to help protect flooring from erosion of surface. The company has established a 0.3 million tonne manufacturing facility at Bellary in Karnataka to produce its construction chemical product range.

It has begun the roll-out of these products across Karnataka. With the exponential growth seen over the years in the construction chemicals category, JSW’s focus on dry-mix mortar market is expected contribute 10 per cent for JSW Cement’s consolidated revenues in 4-5 years.

An unorganised market for the same also restricts the choice of credible supplies for contractors and individual home builders.

Raj Kumar Dhempe, Plant Head, JSW Cement, said majority of the raw-materials are manufactured in-house and in close proximity to the manufacturing set-up, thereby allowing us greater control over quality and consistency during the manufacturing process”.

Mubin Hussain, Business Head, Construction Chemicals, JSW Cement, said the construction chemicals and drymix industry sector is roughly ₹12,000 crore with an expected CAGR of 10 per cent over the next few years. The product segments are expected to grow four-folds by FY25, he said.

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