JSW Steel to make sand from slag

June 8, 2022

JSW Steel has commissioned a 0.30 million tonne one-of-its-kind ‘Steel-Slag Sand’ plant at Vijayanagar Works in Karnataka on World Environment Day.

The plant will mitigate the slag disposal problem and provide low-cost, eco-friendly sand for construction purposes.

The Research & Development team of JSW Steel Vijayanagar Works has developed this sustainable process for converting steel making slag into sand (to replace river sand) for its extensive usage in civil construction. This new steel slag sand also offers an eco-friendly alternative to river sand. This patented process circuit treats crushed slag through a vertical shaft impactor and a classifier after metallic separation.

Pavan Kumar Malapati, IAS, Deputy Commissioner, Ballari, the new technology will address the issues related to the sand shortage in Karnataka.

He stressed the importance of the role that corporates and communities will play to ensure that the conservation and sustainable use of the environment will lead to sustainable growth and help uplift people and the surroundings at large.

PK Murugan, President, JSW Steel Vijayanagar Works, said the steel slag sand will be an economically viable and environmentally acceptable alternative material for replacing ‘River-sand’ and ‘Manufactured-sand’ used in roads and civil constructions.

The use of slag as aggregate reduces the need for virgin material, energy and polluting emissions generated during the mining/crushing, processing and transportation of that material. Effective utilisation of this material will have a tremendous economic impact, conservation of natural resources and gainful recycling of process by-products.

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June 07, 2022

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