Ludhiana: Model town residents allege of illegal commercialisation of residential properties

July 15, 2021

Ludhiana: Model town residents allege of illegal commercialisation of residential propertiesLUDHIANA: Residents of city’s Model Town area complain of illegal conversion of residential properties into commercial, specially those in the inside lanes. On Wednesday, the residents lodged a complaint with deputy commissioner of Ludhiana as well as chief secretary of Punjab government and other senior officials regarding the same and alleged that municipal corporation (MC) officers are turning blind eye to this problem.

Rohit Anand, resident of the area, said, “Cases of illegal and non-compoundable change of land use in blatant violation of all regulations and bylaws from purely residential to commercial are mushrooming in Model Town. Our area from house number 10 to house number 40 is purely residential area. But due to the turning of blind eye by MC officials, in our locality alone there are multiple cases of illegal change of land use from residential to commercial. In latest case, owner of a house in our locality has illegally converted his residential property into commercial and has started repairing cars in his property.”

Anand also added, “This is in clear violation of law as the change of land use of the residential properties of Model Town, except the couple of roads approved by MC Ludhiana for commercial activity, is strictly prohibited according to bylaws of Punjab Municipal Corporation Act, 1976 and according to the master plan of Ludhiana, which came into force in 2008.”

According to Raj Kamal, another resident of the area,”People of our area are suffering hugely due to the apathy of the authorities. Already, a couple of residential properties have been converted to large-scale office-cum-godown, where commercial vehicles and heavy vehicles conduct loading and unloading of goods during day time and even at odd hours. This is not only resulting in noise pollution and air pollution, but also posing hazard to safety of area residents. The lackadaisical attitude of officials concerned of MC Ludhiana towards illegal change of land use from residential to commercial is taking away our mental peace and comfort.”

Another area resident, on condition of anonymity, said “Due to illegal commercialisation of properties in our area, the traffic in the inside lanes has increased manifold. Moreover, the people who conduct work of car accessories encroach upon road and execute their work on road due to which there are traffic jams and danger of accident.

Littering is another big problem. Also, from morning to evening, encroachments on roadside have became a usual affair, as vehicles of people visiting the commercial places remain parked on road sides. The illegal conversion of residential property to commercial, including godown, is against the rights of residents guaranteed to them by Indian Constitution as Right to Life. It is our request to the deputy commissioner to get these properties sealed immediately.”

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