Microsoft boost to data centre base in Hyderabad

May 7, 2024

Hyderabad, which is emerging as a key data centre hub, gets a shot in the arm with Microsoft expanding the scope of its data centre plans. The company reportedly acquired 48 acres for about ₹270 crore to build a data centre facility.

In January 2023, the company said it would invest ₹16,000 crore in building three data centres in Hyderabad. The erstwhile TRS government said that it was over and above the ₹15,000 crore investment that the Redmond (the US)-based company was making over the next 15 years to build three data centres. The six data centres, with each of it having a capacity of 100 MW, are being taken up to strengthen the company’s global network of data centres.

The Hyderabad data centre region would be the fourth data centre region for the company after Pune, Mumbai and Chennai.

The new region would offer the entire Microsoft portfolio across the cloud, data solutions, artificial intelligence (AI), productivity tools and customer relationship management (CRM) with advanced data security.

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