Mumbai: 388 Mhada buildings set to get redevelopment push before BMC poll

November 20, 2022
Mumbai: 388 Mhada buildings set to get redevelopment push before BMC poll

MUMBAI: Ahead of the BMC polls, the Shinde-Fadnavis government in the state will soon issue a notification which will pave the way for the redevelopment of Mhada’s 388 reconstructed buildings that are more than 30-years old with added incentives to fast-track their redevelopment. Most of these buildings located in south Mumbai are in a dilapidated condition. Around 30,000 to 40,000 residents live in these buildings.

Officials said that the Shinde-Fadnavis government is given an in-principle nod to redevelop these old buildings under section 33 (7) of the Development Control Regulation (DCR) with a floor space index (FSI) of 3 or additional incentive FSI of minimum 78%.

“Earlier, only 66 of Mhada’s reconstructed buildings were redeveloped with the added incentives under Prime Minister’s Grant Project (PMGP). Now the remaining 388 buildings in south Mumbai will get these additional benefits. These are buildings that have been reconstructed in the past but now need to be pulled down and redeveloped,” an official said.

The state government’s decision is seen as a move to woo voters ahead of the BMC elections now scheduled for early next year. Cessed building is a building which pays cess or tax which is actually a repair fund to Mhada.

“The government is positive about the redevelopment of buildings by amending clause 33(24) of the DCR and applying all the benefits of clause 33(7). A decision will be taken within a week. This will bring relief to thousands of people living in old and dilapidated buildings. This decision will fulfil the dream of residents now living in 160/225-sqft area homes to get new homes of 400 sq ft,” an official said.

“Suggestions and objections were invited and said proposal was submitted to the government by Mhada. Out of more than 14,000 old and dilapidated buildings in the city, many buildings have been reconstructed by Mhada. Due to this maintenance cost of the buildings has increased. There was a demand for redevelopment of these buildings. Developers were not coming forward for the redevelopment of the buildings as there was not enough FSI available for the redevelopment of these buildings. But a concrete decision will be taken soon. It is expected that a notification will be issued by next week,” said an official.

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