Mumbai: New BDD flats to go to government in case of family disputes

October 16, 2021

Mumbai: New BDD flats to go to government in case of family disputesMUMBAI: The government will take over the 500-square-foot free flats of BDD chawl tenants in case of family disputes. A circular issued by the housing department on Thursday says the flat will be registered in the name of director, BDD chawls, if families are unable to resolve their differences.

The Rs 17,000-crore BDD chawl redevelopment project will result in around 7,000 families benefiting from the scheme. These families currently reside in 160-sq-ft homes at Worli, N M Joshi Marg and Naigaum in Dadar. The price of new flats is estimated to be in crores of rupees which these families cannot afford. All the three sprawling sites are centrally located and once redeveloped would change the skyline of central Mumbai.

Raju Waghmare, president, Akhil BDD Chaali Sarva Sanghatana Ekatrit Sangh, who has been fighting for individual agreements for every tenant before being shifted out to transit camps said at least 40% families are already in dispute over the ownership of the new flat.

“There are joint families that still continue to live together in these tiny tenements and there are families where some of the siblings have moved residence but have laid claim to a share of the flat. The father died and the sons are fighting for a share in the new flat,” he said.

Kiran Mane, general secretary, Akhil BDD Chawl Bhadekaru Haqq Sanrakshan Samiti, said there were at least three to four family disputes in every building in all the three BDD complexes.

“We have instances of police complaints being filed, physical fights between members of a family. There are cases where the tenement has been transferred in the name of the elder brother on the assurance that the others would get their share when the tenement is redeveloped but he has now refused to honour his word,” said Mane.

Waghmare said the government must not interfere in family disputes. He cited the case of Prateeksha Nagar where Mhada had built homes in the 1990s. “Several families had disputes so the government took over the tenements and locked them. The locks were broken and illegally occupied. The government could not throw out the encroachers. Finally the Devendra Fadnavis government regularised the encroachments. A similar situation will ensue here,” he said.

Mane said his organisation had suggested to the government to form a three-member conciliatory committee headed by the local MLA with the director and a Mhada official as members.

Waghmare, though, said for BDD chawls too names of heirs should be recordedin the agreement like in the land records (7/12 extract) after the head of a family dies.

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