Noida: Society asks bachelor tenants to vacate, says PGs being run in violation of rule

December 5, 2022
Noida: Society asks bachelor tenants to vacate, says PGs being run in violation of rule

NOIDA: Noida’s Emerald Court society, where the now-demolished twin towers were located, has issued notices to bachelor tenants to vacate premises, citing violation of its rules.

The residential body of the posh society in Sector 93A said they had been getting complaints from other residents because of which notices have been issued to those living as paying guests (PGs).

“This is not a new rule. It’s an old rule of the society mentioned in the notice. Some people in the society violated that rule to operate PGs and we were getting complaints related to administration of the society by other residents,” Uday Bhan Singh Teotia, president of Emerald Court residents’ association told PTI.

“This notice is to check the violation of the society rule. We have not asked anyone to vacate overnight but given due time of two to three months. The notice was issued in November,” Teotia said.

He said some cases have come to the fore in which rent agreement of an apartment is made in the name of one person but that flat is further sub-let to five, six, or even seven girls.

“All this cannot be allowed,” added Teotia, who had spearheaded the residents’ fight against developer Supertech Ltd which led to the Supreme Court ordering demolition of the twin towers built illegally in the society’s premises.

According to local tenants, bachelors often face problems finding apartments or independent house on rent in the city adjoining the national capital.

“People outright deny giving their apartment to bachelors on rent. This often leaves bachelors with the only option to go through brokers, who charge a lot of money,” said Kala Trivedi (26), who earlier lived in a society in Noida Sector 46 but has now moved to South Delhi.

“We were two girls living in the apartment and at the time of vacating it, my landlord told us that he will never rent it out to unmarried women. All this even when there was no damage to his property or any complaint about us from other residents in the society,” the engineering professional claimed.

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