One nautical mile of air space around Noida twin towers briefly unavailable for flights on Sunday

August 27, 2022

One nautical mile of air space around the twin tower demolition site in Noida will remain briefly unavailable for flights on August 28, the Noida Authority said on Friday.

A nautical mile is equal to approximately 1.8 kilometres.

“In view of the dust generated after the demolition, on the recommendation of the Noida Authority, the Ministry of Aviation has given its consent for the non-availability of one nautical mile of air space for aircraft to fly at the time of demolition,” the Noida Authority said in a statement as it oversaw preparations for demolition of the nearly 100-metre-tall twin towers on Sunday.

Earlier, the Noida police on Thursday banned the use of drones in city skies from August 26 till August 31 citing security reasons in view of the demolition of Supertech’s illegal towers.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Headquarters) Ram Badan Singh invoked the powers under CrPC Section 144 as he passed the ban order.

Exclusion zone

Police had also declared that drones will be allowed but only beyond the “exclusion zone” of about 500 metres and that too with their permission.

No human, animal or vehicles would be allowed in the exclusion zone on August 28.

The nearly 100-metre-tall Apex and Ceyane towers are scheduled to be demolished at 2.30 pm on August 28 in pursuance of a Supreme Court order that found their construction within Emerald Court premises in violation of norms.

Over 5,000 residents living in Emerald Court and adjoining ATS Village society will be evacuated on August 28. They will vacate premises by 7 am and allowed only after safety clearance post demolition by agencies concerned around 4 pm.

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August 27, 2022

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