Over 80 structures in Pune rural not fit for habitation

August 24, 2022
Over 80 structures in Pune rural not fit for habitation

PUNE: The Pune district administration has identified 82 structures in rural areas, many of them in the PMRDA region, as unfit for habitation.

With the Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority (PMRDA) area spread across 7,000 sqkm, most of these structures are in rural areas and notices to evacuate them have been issued by the gram panchayats, said a senior PMRDA official.

On Friday last, a 44-year-old dilapidated residential building came crashing down at Sai Baba Nagar in Borivali (west). It was declared unfit for habitation by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) in 2020. The footage of the collapse went viral on social media.

“PMRDA officials said that most structures identified as unsafe are in the rural areas. The occupants of these structures have been issued notices for evacuation and many have already been vacated,” said officials

“All these buildings identified as unsafe are mainly private residential buildings. Notices have been issued to the owners of buildings and structural audit demanded of old buildings. Based on audit reports, the authorities decide if a building is fit for habitation or it needs to be evacuated entirely,” said an official.

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