Owners missing from many flats, finds survey of Chandigarh housing board

July 30, 2022
Owners missing from many flats, finds survey of Chandigarh housing board

CHANDIGARH: Original owners were found missing from many houses allotted under rehabilitation schemes in the first round of survey carried out by the Chandigarh Housing Board (CHB) in Ram Darbar last week, raising suspicion that allottees might have sold them.

The CHB had last week formed 10 teams that had inspected 576 flats. At many flats, original owners were missing; in some cases occupants were unable to give satisfactory replies and some were seen contacting owners on mobile phones, according to sources.

Sources said the teams have submitted the report to senior officials of the CHB, who will give an opportunity to original owners to submit their reply. In the second round, the CHB teams would inspect flats in Sector 56 and Industrial Area, Phase I.

CHB chief executive officer (CEO) Yashpal Garg said the board had allotted about 18,000 flats under rehabilitation scheme/small flat scheme and affordable rental housing scheme. “Such flats cannot be sold/transferred/handed over to others. However, there are some unconfirmed complaints that some of the allottee have sold/transferred their flats illegally. These instance may be clear cases of violation of terms and conditions and may attract criminal case for committing fraud,” he said.
Owners missing from many flats, finds survey of Chandigarh housing boardThe survey includes aspects like whether the flat is occupied by the allottee and his family only. Some of the other aspects being checked during the survey are whether monthly rent/licence fee/installments is being paid regularly and presently dues are not pending against such flat. Garg said at the time of survey, the occupant of the flat is required to establish his/her identity and being family member of the allottee.

The term family member includes parents, brother, sister, spouse, son, daughter, daughter-in law and grandchildren of the allottee, according to the CHB. Garg clarified friends, cousins, relatives may reside with the allottee for a shorter duration but they cannot be permanent resident of the flat. The occupation of the flat by relatives, cousins, friends or other person, in absence of the allottee or his/her family members will be treated as violation.

If it is found that the allottee or his family members are not residing in the flat, it will be treated as violation of terms and conditions of allotment, he said. Garg said allottees are requested to cooperate with the officers of the CHB during their visit for the survey

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