Residents of other Chintels Paradiso towers demand authorities to expedite audit

November 9, 2022
 File Photo
File Photo

GURUGRAM: Residents of towers G and H of Chintels Paradiso in Sector 109 have demanded that the authorities expedite the structural audit of the two buildings.

The district administration has declared Tower D of the society, where two residents died on February 10 this year after a vertical collapse of five living rooms, structurally unfit and decided that it will be demolished.

Now, residents of towers G and H have complained that there are several structural defects in these two towers, such as visible cracks in balconies and seepage. Some of them said the developer has installed support poles in the balconies of their flats.

The developer, however, has denied this, saying some repairs were under way in a few balconies prior to the February 10 cave-in. “After the unfortunate incident, all repair work has been put on hold on the directions of the authorities,” a spokesperson said.

There are more than 100 flats in these two towers, of which around 50 are occupied. Rajender Vats, a resident of Tower H, said he noticed a leakage in his balcony from the vacant flat above his a week ago. “When it was opened, we found the tiles cracked and deflected. The builder has installed support poles from the second floor to the third floor. We are now avoiding going to the balcony as it is not safe,” he said.

Anuj Sharma, another resident, said a fresh crack was reported in the second floor balcony. “Our tower was constructed at the same time as towers D, E and F with the same construction materials. The government should ask the developer either to give us a flat or compensate us fairly,” he said.

“We have been awaiting the valuation and audit reports of Tower D and the evacuation plan for towers E and F. Residents are getting anxious about the slow progress in the completion of structural audit,” said Rakesh Hooda, the RWA president.

Meanwhile, deputy commissioner Nishant Yadav said, “The structural audit is going on in phases. IIT-Delhi has submitted its report for Tower D and the report for towers E and F will be submitted within the next 15 days. Samples from other towers will be collected soon.”

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