Telangana: Registration charges, guideline values revised from July 22

July 21, 2021

Telangana government has hiked registration charges and guideline value for land with effect from July 22.

After the formation of Telangana, there has been a substantial appreciation of land value. The ‘Guidelines Market Value’ also known as ‘Basic Value’ for registration was last revised in 2013.

The lowest value for agricultural lands has been fixed at ₹75,000 per acre. For agricultural lands, the existing values have been enhanced by 50 per cent in lower range, 40 per cent in mid range and 30 per cent in higher range.

Likewise, in case of open plots, the lowest value hitherto was ₹100 per sq yard which has now been revised to ₹200 per sq yard. The basic values for open plots have been revised by 50 per cent in lower range, 40 per cent in mid range and 30 per cent in higher range. The existing lowest value for flats/apartment has been revised upwards from ₹800 per sq ft to ₹1,000. In case of flats/apartments, the increase is by 20 per cent in lower ranges and 30 per cent in higher ranges.

According to Government, the Stamp duty rates in the State are amongst the lowest in the country. In Tamil Nadu it is 11 per cent, Kerala (10 per cent), Andhra Pradesh (7.5 per cent). The Cabinet Sub Committee recommended enhancement of stamp duty rates to 7.5 per cent from 6 per cent for sale and other transactions.

Even the revised Market Values and Stamp duty rates will be implemented from July 22.

Towards this, “Additional payments for slots already booked” is available in Dharani portal for making additional payments. The differential amounts can be paid and transactions carried out on the appointed day, according to the Government Orders.

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