Gurugram: 400 walk in to camp on day 1 to fix flaws in property tax data

January 28, 2023
Gurugram: 400 walk in to camp on day 1 to fix flaws in property tax data

GURUGRAM: MCG had organised a property tax camp at the Nirvana society on Friday for the rectification of data in the new property IDs. Over 400 residents got their data corrected and the information in the new property IDs was verified with that in the old ones, an MCG official said.

The camp will be held at the community centre of DLF-1 on Saturday and at the old MCG office on Sunday. The objections and claims will be addressed on the spot through the no-objection certificate (NDC) portal.

Kulwant Saini, a resident of Nirvana, said, “There were discrepancies in my property name and address. Moreover, there was a mismatch in the data of my old ID and new ID. I have come to make these corrections.”

Gulshan Saluja, zonal taxation officer (headquarter), said, “We received a good response in the camp on Friday and are hoping that more people turn up to get tehri property tax data corrected in the other two camps. The objections are being resolved on the spot.”

A survey by a private agency in January last year had found that 5.14 lakh properties come under the MCG’s ambit. After the survey was completed, the residents had complained that the new property IDs generated had incorrect details, creating a faulty database of the residents’ properties.

Therefore, MCG deployed 292 field staff including multi-tasking staff of the MCG’s health wing, supervisors of the sanitation wing, clerks deputed in the councillors’ office etc. for re-verification of the property tax data. The decision was taken after chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar had reviewed the status of the surveyed properties and directed their re-verification.

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