Gurugram: GMDA issues notice to Sare Homes society for encroaching on green belt

October 24, 2021

Gurugram: GMDA issues notice to Sare Homes society for encroaching on green beltGURUGRAM: The Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) has issued a notice to the residents’ welfare association (RWA) and facility management company of a society in Sector 92 for allegedly encroaching upon a green belt in the area to open an “unauthorised path” to the society.

The notice was issued to the Royal Green Condominium Association of Sare Homes society by GMDA’s urban environment division on Thursday. The notice states that “the green belt has been destroyed” and an unauthorised path opened without permission.

GMDA additional CEO (urban environment division) Subhash Chander Yadav said, “Whenever a society is made, permission is taken for access. The entry is supposed to be arranged in a specific place. In this case, a gate has been opened in a different place as well. The issue is of illegal access more than encroachment.”

The RWA, however, denied the allegations and stated they have already submitted their response to the GMDA.

“The road that is the subject of the notice is an old road that was made by the builder. It has been there for five or six years. The green belt is barricaded and marked. A gate was already put there before, we have not done anything new.

We have only started to use this road now for the entry of water tankers into our society to take treated water from our sewage treatment plant,” said Hari Om Vishwakarma, president of Sare Homes Phase 1 and 2 RWA, which is in charge of overall maintenance of the society.

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