Mumbai: MHADA to house displaced residents in island city itself

August 3, 2021

Mumbai: MHADA to house displaced residents in island city itselfMUMBAI: The Mumbai Housing Area Development Authority (MHADA) on Monday announced that it will grant transit accommodation to displaced residents of 21 dangerous cessed buildings in the island city itself rather than compel them to shift to the suburbs.

It will convert 177 tenements located in redeveloped buildings into homes for these tenants.

Addressing a press conference, Vinod Ghosalkar, chairman of Mhada’s Mumbai Repair and Reconstruction Board (MMRRB) said, “Most of the 21 dangerous buildings on this year’s list are situated in the island city. Their tenants have resisted moving to the suburbs given that their workplaces and children’s schools are located nearby. Now we have devised a way to rehouse them in the area by utilising these tenements. This will help us avoid damage to life and property should an eventuality occur during the monsoon.”

In the first stage, 47 residents will be relocated to these tenements. The remaining 177 will be moved as the need arises. The tenements are located in places like Mazgaon, Tardeo, Khetwadi, Worli and Dadar.

In addition, Mhada also plans to convert small houses whose lottery winners have not claimed them, for use as transit accommodation.

The MMRRB owns 14,755 cessed buildings in the island city which are old and crumbling. Each is audited on an annual basis, and this year, 21 structures have been declared extremely dangerous.

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